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Experience Exquisite Dining at Breeze Restaurant Bangkok on Your Vacation


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Are you planning to enjoy an exquisite dining experience during your Bangkok vacation? If the answer is a resounding yes, then Breeze Restaurant Bangkok offers you a gilded opportunity to relish the city in the most unique and gastronomic way. Nestled in the heart of the “City of Angels,” Breeze Restaurant in Bangkok is a feast for the senses, a haven for food lovers, and an unforgettable experience for the discerning travelers. Explore this sky-high dining sanctuary, savor the authentic Asian cuisine, and meet Bangkok on a deliciously different level.

The Dining Extravaganza at Breeze Restaurant Bangkok

Set on the 51st and 52nd floors of Lebua State Tower, Breeze Restaurant Bangkok serves a panorama of enchanting city skylines coupled with innovative Asian cuisine. This high-in-the-sky dining locale has a beautiful blend of aesthetics and gastronomy. Offering a sophisticated al fresco dining experience, Breeze not only caters to your taste buds, but it also gratifies your sights with a breathtaking 360-degree bird’s eye view of Bangkok.

The Menu Rendezvous

With a stimulating gourmet’s paradise, Breeze Restaurant offers an extensive Pan-Asian menu, a fusion of tastes from around the continent. Whether it’s sushi from the Land of the Rising Sun or the signature Beijing Duck straight from the heart of China, there is something to gratify every palate.

The Cocktail Concoctions

Boasting a sleek Sky Bar, Breeze guarantees an unparalleled experience of mixing your drinks with a dash of panoramic view. Bangkok nightlife sparkles from below, and the intoxicating cocktails vie for attention. Their innovative beverage list is as expansive as the view, with signature cocktails that recall the city’s colors, culture, and spirit.

The Ambience and Entertainment

Relish the symphony of city lights, under the open sky while a live jazz performance paints an audio backcloth. The subtle sophistication of the ambience, paired with the soft serenade, sets the mood for an intimate, elegant and enjoyable evening.

The Service at Breeze Restaurant

At Breeze Restaurant Bangkok, service is not just about serving meals. It is about creating a memorable dining experience. The professional yet friendly staff not only serve you with delectable dishes but also guide you through the variety-filled menu for an exquisite dining venture.

The Dress Code

With its blend of elegance and chic, Breeze magnifies your dining experience by advocating a smart casual dress code. This is their way of maintaining the grandeur and dignity associated with high-end dining.


When it comes to the Bangkok dining scene, Breeze Restaurant towers above many. This high-altitude gem is an extraordinary assassination of a mundane meal. Gaze at the sparkling city nightlife, bask in the cool evening breeze, sample the delightful menu, and simmer in the ambience of one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Whether it’s a dinner date, a family dinner, or a business dinner, Breeze offers the perfect setting that flicks a switch to the extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Breeze Restaurant in Bangkok serve vegetarian dishes?

Yes, Breeze Restaurant serves an extensive range of vegetarian dishes, each designed to introduce progressive Asian flavors through a fusion of cooking styles and the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

2. Does Breeze Restaurant accept reservations?

Yes, Breeze Restaurant advises making reservations for a seamless dining experience. Making a prior table booking ensures you don’t miss out on any of the splendid culinary experiences the restaurant has to offer.

3. What can guests expect from the ambience at Breeze?

Breeze offers an alfresco dining experience with a mesmerizing view of Bangkok’s skyline, complimented by a subtle sophistication and a live jazz performance for the perfect romantic or relaxed evening.

4. What is the price range at Breeze Restaurant?

As a fine dining restaurant, Breeze Restaurant leans towards the higher end of the price range. However, considering the authentic and fresh ingredient food, impeccable service, astonishing view, and the unique ambience, the gourmet experience justifies the price.

5. Is there a specific dress code to dine at Breeze Restaurant?

Yes, Breeze upholds a smart casual dress code to preserve its aura of class and elegance. Nonetheless, the service staff ensures guests are made to feel comfortable and enjoy their dining experience without compromise.


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