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How Big Is Bangkok Airport


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How Big ‌Is Bangkok‍ Airport

Introduction to the Magnificent Magnitude of Bangkok Airport

Ever found ⁤yourself​ wondering, “Just ‌how big is Bangkok Airport?” Well, you’re ⁢in luck. ⁢As a beacon of fantastic feats of engineering, the ⁣area encompassing Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok Airport) is about 32.4⁤ square kilometers, putting it up there with some of the ⁤biggest in the ‌world. Below, we’ll⁣ delve into detail about the dimensions⁤ of this exciting hub – from the spaces that ⁢welcome travelers to the sprawling runways that send them soaring.

In our ‍journey to ⁤understand the vastness of Bangkok’s apex aviation hub, ‌Suvarnabhumi Airport, we’ll explore various facets of its vastness,‍ defining features, and engaging elements that make it​ an architectural marvel.⁤ Prepare yourself for a ⁣captivating⁣ virtual⁤ trip around one of the most impressive airports‌ in Southeast Asia.

Astonishing ‍Aerial Overview

Hovering ‌in ​the​ heady heights of a descending plane, the ⁤first thing you’ll‍ notice ​about ‍this tremendous ⁢transport haven is⁤ its distinctive ‌shape. Suvarnabhumi Airport’s main terminal, an angular​ arrangement that hints‍ at the hieroglyphics of an ‌alien language, is a testament to the creativity of its ‍designers.

How Big Is⁣ That Terminal?

If you’ve‍ ever found yourself lost ⁤while navigating the myriad of check-in counters, shops,​ and⁢ eateries at Suvarnabhumi, you’re not‍ alone. Spread⁢ out generously over​ a staggering area ⁢of approximately 563,000‍ square ​meters, it’s the largest airport terminal built in one phase.

Unfurling the ⁢Runways

Ensuring a smooth landing for countless travelers and array of aircraft, the runways at Suvarnabhumi Airport⁢ are concrete⁢ channels ​of connection and adventure. But just how large⁢ are these asphalt arteries ‌pumping paths to the rest of the⁢ world?

Runway Revelations

The vehicular veins​ of Suvarnabhumi Airport consist of dual parallel runways. Span a goodly 4 kilometers in length and⁢ 60 meters in width, they’re built ⁤to ⁤handle the hefty payload of⁤ traffic,‌ accommodating​ up‍ to 64 flights per hour.

Exploring the ‍Expanse Inside

Walking into Suvarnabhumi Airport is like entering a cathedral dedicated ⁤to travel, with ‌soaring ceilings,​ gleaming floors, and the ‌constant hum of activity. Perhaps you’re curious about ⁣the seemingly limitless stretch within?

Internal Insights

Once inside,‌ one marvels at the endless sights the ⁤giant glass-paneled terminal has to offer. Located within ⁣its ⁤cavernous confines⁣ are an impressive 107 active gates, ⁤a variety of boutiques and restaurants, and a host of facilities for travelers.


So the next ⁤time you​ find yourself awaiting a flight in the vast lounge areas of Suvarnabhumi ⁤Airport, take a moment to⁢ consider the huge scale on which ‌it operates. Understanding just how big Bangkok Airport is tells⁢ a tale of impressive engineering, forethought, and an‌ ambition to impress upon every visitor ‍the ‌grandness⁤ of the airport’s vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ⁤are‌ some other⁣ impressive features of Suvarnabhumi ‌Airport?

Apart from its sheer size, Suvarnabhumi Airport also‌ boasts‌ the world’s fourth largest single-building airport⁢ terminal ​and the⁤ tallest⁤ free-standing ‍control tower.

2. How ​many passengers can Suvarnabhumi⁢ Airport accommodate?

The airport, in its immense expanse, can handle more than 45 million passengers annually.

3. Is there public transportation to and⁤ from Suvarnabhumi Airport?

Yes, post-arrival, there are a plethora of public transportation options such as buses, taxis and the Airport Rail Link providing ⁢direct access to downtown‍ Bangkok.

4. Does Suvarnabhumi Airport‍ have⁣ a hotel?

Sure does! ‌There are ⁢short-term accommodations and ⁣several hotels located near the airport, ‍including the conveniently​ positioned Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel.

5. What‌ services does ​Suvarnabhumi Airport offer?

From speedy free Wi-Fi and⁢ baby care facilities to ‌prayer rooms, the airport is equipped with various essentials. Additionally, you’ll⁢ find currency exchange services, luggage storage, medical services ⁣and‌ even a spa! Now you know, there’s more to Bangkok Airport than meets the sky.


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