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How Far Is Dreamworld From Bangkok


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How Far Is Dreamworld From Bangkok


Ever dreamt of finding yourself⁣ amidst the bewitching landscapes of Bangkok‌ while submerging yourself in ⁤the exciting attractions of Dreamworld? If so, you’re likely asking, “How far is Dreamworld from‌ Bangkok?” Let the journey begin as we delve into the distance and transport means from Thailand’s ‌capital, Bangkok, to the magical land of Dreamworld. It’s about a 30 km journey typically, but with the joy-filled experiences Dreamworld has to offer, it’s undoubtedly a worthwhile excursion. In this article, we’ll be⁣ embarking ‌on a virtual tour through various transport modes, making your adventurous journey ​as dreamy as it gets!

Roadway Revelry

Driving forms the key to a complete and ⁤authentic ⁤Bangkok-Dreamworld experience. In a smooth ride from Bangkok, Dreamworld appears like a dawn’s kiss after dark – thirty kilometers to the north, to ⁣be exact. You can rent a car or hail a taxi; either way, your journey will blend into Bangkok’s charm.

The Taxi Travel

While you could travel by cab, expect nothing less than ⁣a roller-coaster journey. Like an anchored boat⁢ trying to break free, the streets will wind and twist, presenting a picturesque thai townscape as you travel ⁤northward.

Public Transport- An Authentic Adventure

Certainly, public transport comprises another ⁢equally fascinating option. Buses from Bangkok to Dreamworld create a symphony of organized chaos, a melody that hums through‌ the kinetic energy of the city and its people.

Bus ​Journey

Boarding a bus bound for Dreamworld adds the ⁣allure of local ⁤touch to your journey as it zips and zaps through the city traffic. The journey, like a symphony reaching its crescendo, stands as a testament, a ⁣delightful overture‍ of the excitement that Dreamworld promises.

Private⁤ Pickup- A Pleasant Odyssey

Opting for a private pickup service ensures a seamless journey, ⁢like a masterfully crafted narrative that delivers an epic prelude to a whimsical day ahead. It’s the typical example of you-sit-back-and-relax-while-we-drive situation.

Comfort and Convenience

Private pick-ups are akin to an easy and breezy ⁣summer day. Their advantage lies​ in the undisturbed, cushy experience, completely devoid of the ⁤hustle and bustle of the city traffic. It’s the ​ideal choice for families with kids and large groups.

Bike⁣ Ride – The‍ Intrepid Itinerary

For the spirited adventurers, a bike ride from Bangkok to Dreamworld unquestionably tops the itinerary chart. Just remember, this isn’t just a ride – it’s a journey peppered with intrigue and excitement at every turn.

Thrills on Wheels

Traveling by bike gifts you an empowering, intimate ‌connection with the environment.‌ Gusting in⁢ the wind like leaves during fall, freedom defines your journey with the clattering chains acting ⁤as the ideal soundtrack to your ride.


How far is Dreamworld ⁣from Bangkok? Approximately 30 kilometers. Yet every kilometer⁤ travelled promises a new story, ⁤a new landscape, a break-away from the mundane. Whether you opt ‍for the road’s convolutions or ‌tread ⁣the path less travelled, your journey from Bangkok to Dreamworld sets the stage for ⁤an enchanting insight into Thailand’s beauty, awaiting your arrival with bated ⁤breath.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the fastest way⁢ from Bangkok to Dreamworld?

The fastest way to reach Dreamworld from Bangkok would be‌ by taxi or private pick-up ⁣service.

2. Can we take a bus from ‌Bangkok to ⁤Dreamworld?

Definitely! Many buses ply between Bangkok and Dreamworld, offering an ‍authentic Thai transport experience.

3. Is Dreamworld worth ‌a visit?

Absolutely! It offers an⁢ assortment of exciting rides, shows, and themes,‌ ensuring a fun-filled visit ⁢for everyone.

4. How can we book a private transfer to ⁤Dreamworld?

You can easily​ book a private transfer through local tour agencies, online portals, ​or your hotel’s front office.

5. Are bike rentals available for travel from Bangkok to Dreamworld?

Yes, multiple outlets in Bangkok provide bike rentals‌ for the playful adventurer in you!


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