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How To Get To Angkor Wat From Bangkok


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How‍ To Get To ⁢Angkor Wat From Bangkok

Embarking on an Epic Journey: Getting to Angkor Wat from Bangkok

You’re​ waving goodbye to the bustling ‍streets of Bangkok, glancing back at the city’s⁤ icons one last time. The tantalizing question taunting all ⁤intrepid explorers now ‌bubbles to the forefront of your mind:⁣ Just how ⁤does one get to the monumental masterpiece that is Angkor Wat from Bangkok? The short and⁤ simple entree to that enticing question is: It’s quite possible,‍ with several modes of ⁢transportation available! This article is ​your faithful travel companion, as it will intricately weave you through the tapestry of travel routes and methods. We’ll go through land⁤ routes, ‌air travel, ⁤and even discuss​ reputable‌ tour agencies if you prefer an all-inclusive⁢ package. So, get ⁣your adventure‌ boots⁤ strapped on, let’s go!

Navigating the⁢ Land Lanes: Bus and Train‌ Routes from Bangkok to Angkor Wat

Before the ‌advent of airlines, making your way from one country to another‍ was a feat, a‍ journey filled with ⁤memorable experiences. Today, bus and train travel between Bangkok to Angkor‍ Wat offer a touch of nostalgia without compromising comfort.

Forming Friendships on a Bus Journey

Starting your journey in Bangkok? No problem! Grab ⁢some breakfast, then head over to Mo⁣ Chit ⁤Bus Terminal, where you’ll catch the variegated ⁢bus destined for the Cambodia-Thailand border at Aranyaprathet-Poipet. ⁣The trip is an enveloping one, embracing you in‍ scenic landscapes and vibrant local life, lasting approximately 4-5 hours. Upon reaching Poipet,⁤ after clearing immigration, a Cambodian bus will whisk you towards your desired destination—the⁣ trails of history in Angkor Wat.

Fly Me to the Temples: Air travel from‌ Bangkok to ⁤Angkor Wat

If lengthy bus and ⁤train rides aren’t your ‍cup of tea, your ‍wings to Angkor Wat are just a booking⁣ away. With flight durations⁢ averaging ‍an hour, air travel from Bangkok to Siem⁣ Reap (the city that hosts Angkor Wat) is remarkably efficient.

Sky High Convenience

The‍ primary airport serving Bangkok is Suvarnabhumi Airport, a veritable hub for Thai and international airlines. Bangkok Airways⁤ and AirAsia,⁤ often fly​ to ‌Siem Reap; it’s merely a matter of ⁤suiting your schedule and budget. ⁣Upon arrival⁤ in Siem Reap, merely grab a tuk-tuk or⁣ a cab towards Angkor Wat, a short 7km away.

Packaged to‌ Perfection: Tour Groups from Bangkok to Angkor⁤ Wat

For⁣ those seeking a ⁣smooth adventure, stripped of the trappings of transport logistics‍ and border formalities, a⁢ tour package‌ from Bangkok⁤ to Angkor Wat ​might be your perfect bet.

An All-Inclusive Affair

Several travel‌ agencies in Bangkok offer all-inclusive tour packages that ⁣include transportation, accommodation, meals, and even Angkor Wat tickets. It gives you the freedom to simply enjoy the‌ journey, immerse in the experience, and lose⁢ yourself in the awe of exploration.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Adventure of Getting to Angkor Wat from‌ Bangkok

As the saying goes, ⁤the journey is just as important ‍as the destination. Getting from Bangkok to Angkor Wat is not only quite achievable—it can be a ‍journey rich with experiences,​ forming a travel tale ​echoed in the annals of personal memories. Be it by land⁤ or air, or even escorted ⁣by a ⁤tour group, it’s all ⁤part of an adventure waiting⁢ for⁣ you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s⁣ the distance between Bangkok and⁢ Angkor Wat? The distance is approximately 368 kilometers, depending ​on the travel route.

2.‌ Can I drive from Bangkok to Angkor Wat? Yes, it’s ⁤possible!⁢ The drive can take around 7-9 hours, but remember to check border and driving⁣ requirements.

3. Which airlines ‌operate from Bangkok to Siem Reap? Common airlines include Bangkok Airways and AirAsia.

4.⁢ Do‌ I need a visa to travel from Bangkok to Angkor Wat? Most visitors ⁤need a visa ‍to enter Cambodia, and it can be obtained upon arrival at the border.

5. How much ⁢time ​should I budget to ​explore Angkor Wat? ​ You’ll want at least a full day ‌to explore, but avid history buffs might enjoy stretching it ‌out to two or ​three days.


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