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Top Things To Buy In Bangkok: A Singaporean Shopper’s Ultimate Guide

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Top Things To Buy In Bangkok: A Singaporean Shopper's Ultimate Guide


Are you planning a shopping spree trip to one of the most vibrant cities in‌ the world, Bangkok? You might surely be wondering what to buy in Bangkok while travelling from Singapore. Don’t ​worry! This detailed guide will not only unravel ‍the Bangkok shopping secrets but will also help you manoeuvre through its ⁤bustling markets.

Bangkok, famous for its bustling shopping markets, offers⁢ a‌ variety of products ranging​ from souvenirs, clothing, electronics and much more. You’ll be spoilt for choice in the city known as a shopping​ paradise. In this guide, we will delve into ⁢the top things to buy, shopping destinations and⁣ vibrant night ‍markets that make up the ⁢Bangkok shopping scene.

Fashion and Clothing

Bangkok is a haven for fashion lovers. From high-end designer labels to trendy streetwear, Bangkok’s fashion scene is‌ as diverse as ‍its vibrant cityscape. Amid the ⁤bustling city, you’ll find​ shopping malls such as the MBK Center and Siam Paragon housing both international and local designer brands. At Platinum Fashion Mall and street markets, you can shop for stylish and affordable clothing, making it⁤ a prime spot for shopaholics on a ‌budget.

Jatujak Weekend Market

If bargain shopping is more your style, you cannot ⁤miss the Jatujak or Chatuchak Weekend Market. The sheer‍ size of it ⁣can be overwhelming with over 8,000 stalls offering almost everything from clothing, accessories to home decor. ⁢It’s indeed the epitome of the phrase ‘shop till ‍you drop’.

Spices ‍and Thai ⁢Silk

Spices and Thai Silk are must-buy items ⁣when ⁤you’re in Bangkok. The vibrant colours and patterns of Thai silk⁤ make it⁣ popular among tourists, ideal ‍for bespoke clothing or as stunning souvenirs. And don’t miss the Spice Market, where you’ll be⁢ engulfed ​in the‍ distinct aroma of countless Thai spices – a ‍sensory trip you’ll not‍ forget anytime ‌soon.

Sampeng Market

Nestled into⁢ bustling alleys, Sampeng Market is ‍the⁣ right spot for ‍finding Thai silk and spices. This bustling market is also home to a ⁣wide ⁤variety of wholesale goods, from textiles to toys. Remember, bargaining is part and‌ parcel of the shopping experience⁤ in such local markets!

Electronics and Gadgets

Visiting Pantip Plaza is a must, particularly for tech-junkies. Bangkok’s most famous electronics mall, Pantip Plaza is loaded with stores⁤ selling laptops, camera gear, smartphones, and all types of electronic accessories. Do price ⁢comparisons among different stores before making a purchase for the best deal.

MBK Center

Another great spot for electronics is the MBK Center.​ With eight floors packed‍ with 2,000 shops, it has been coined⁣ as‌ an electronic shopper’s paradise. A cautionary note, be sure to test before buying⁤ to avoid fakes⁢ or defective products.

Art and Craft

Talat Rot Fai or the “Train Market” is popular for vintage and handmade crafts. From antique furnishings to handmade decor,⁣ it’s​ an artsy ‌shopping paradise offering quirky pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Another spot for art and crafts is Baan Silapin or the Artist’s House, ‍filled with beautiful handicrafts created by local artists.

The Grand Palace

For ‌traditional‌ Thai crafts and artwork, the⁣ Grand Palace is a landmark ⁣not to be missed. Here, you will find art shops offering beautiful traditional Thai crafts, paintings and⁢ jewellery, a perfect memento of your journey in Thailand.


Bangkok, in the⁣ true sense,⁣ is‍ a shopping ​haven for all kinds of shoppers. Whether you’re looking for trendy fashion‌ items, ⁤vintage collectables or traditional crafts, the​ city has something to offer⁤ for ⁢everyone. We⁣ hope this ‍guide helps you to plan your shopping in Bangkok and make it more enjoyable!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is shopping in Bangkok cheaper ‌than in Singapore?

Yes, in general, shopping ‍in Bangkok ⁢is cheaper⁢ than in Singapore, especially for clothing, vintage items, crafts, street foods, and services.

2. What should I bring home from Bangkok?

Popular items to purchase ​in Bangkok include Thai ‍silk, traditional crafts, spices, streetwear fashion, handmade ⁤jewellery, and electronics.

3. Where can I buy cheap clothes in Bangkok?

Affordable clothing can be found in Bangkok’s‌ street ‍markets such‌ as Jatujak Market and the Platinum Fashion Mall.

4. What should I avoid in Bangkok?

Avoid buying counterfeit goods and respect local ‍customs. Always check⁤ electronic items before purchase to ensure there are no defects.

5. ‌ What are good Thai souvenirs?

​ Thai silk, handmade‍ crafts, traditional food items like Thai spices, Thai tea, and locally crafted jewellery, are some popular Thai souvenirs.


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