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Experience the High Life: Bangkok Hotel Rooftop Bar Guide


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Experience the High Life: Bangkok Hotel Rooftop ⁢Bar Guide

Experience the High‌ Life:⁤ Soaring Skyline Sips in ‌Bangkok’s Best Rooftop Bars

Can you name ‌a⁢ better way to ⁢appreciate Bangkok’s high life than from sky-high rooftop bars? Picture this:​ sipping your signature cocktail while ⁤a panoramic sweep ‍of the bustling cityscape unfolds right before your eyes. This article will‌ guide you⁤ through the best rooftop bars you need⁢ to visit on your next trip to ⁤the “City of Angels”.

Bangkok, the vibrant heart and soul of Thailand, ⁣is not only renowned for ⁤its ⁤historic sites⁣ and dance-fueled full⁣ moon parties but is celebrated across the‍ globe for its deluxe rooftop bars. From the dizzying heights of the Sky ⁢Bar at Lebua State Tower to the understated charm of Three Sixty Lounge,⁣ Bangkok offers an array of bars that tower over the city like​ heavenly⁢ clouds of indulgence. Ready to take⁢ a closer look and⁤ explore the range?

The Sky⁤ Bar‌ at Lebua⁤ State ⁣Tower: A Top Notch Rooftop Taste Experience

Arguably the crown jewel of Bangkok’s nightlife, the Sky Bar at Lebua State Tower ‍has shaped the ‌city’s skyline ⁢with its⁤ architectural prowess and world-class drink assortment. This high-altitude haven allows you to ⁤soak in the 360-degree ​city skyline from the 64th ​floor⁢ while savoring a selection of high-end cocktails and tasty nibbles. ​Unsurprisingly, it’s a must-add ⁢on any Bangkok itinerary, leaving visitors starkly awestruck at its ‍sheer grandeur.

A⁤ Quiet Nook in the Urban Jungle: Vertigo at Banyan Tree

While the Sky Bar might be the undeniable king of the cityscape, Vertigo⁤ at Banyan Tree is ‍the queen. This rooftop vista on the⁢ 61st floor provides another jaw-dropping ⁤panoramic spectacle of ⁢Bangkok ​City. Remember⁣ to try their legendary Vertigo Sunset cocktail – ⁢a‌ delectable concoction that perfectly blends Malibu, pineapple, cranberry, ‍and lime.

Dreamy Delights at Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar

For⁤ those after a blend of show-stopping views, tasty treats, and a thriving music scene, casting your eyes over Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar is imperative. Located at the Marriott⁢ Hotel ⁣Sukhumvit,⁤ this ‍chic bar offers an‍ unmatched 360-degree​ view of the stunning skyline.⁢ The three-level lounge provides a laid-back atmosphere, innovative cocktails and, ⁤to top‍ it all off, one of the best ⁢happy hours in town.

Sip Under ⁣the Stars ⁢at Moon Bar

Moon Bar is synonymous with elegance and romance and is an essential part of the rooftop bar canon in Bangkok. Nestled on the⁤ 61st ‌floor ⁢of the Banyan Tree Hotel, it’s a dreamy location under a starlit sky with a drink⁤ menu that will leave you spoiled for choice. Word has it ⁤that their Wind of Change⁢ cocktail is an ‍absolute must-try!

The Three Sixty Lounge: A Symphony of Views ⁣and Vibes

At the Three Sixty ‌Lounge, experience a symphony of soulful jazz tunes, innovative⁣ cocktails, and mesmerizing views.‍ This one-of-a-kind spot is perched on the Millennium Hilton Hotel ‌and offers an indoor lounge⁤ that contrasts⁢ beautifully ⁢with its​ open-air deck. It’s an experience that plays a sweet symphony on your senses.

The Breezy Refuge: Above Eleven

Last but not least, Above Eleven rooftop bar is a breezy refuge tucked in the heart⁢ of ⁤bustling Bangkok. Inspired by New‍ York’s Central ⁣Park, this green-infused sanctuary offers an innovative menu with a Peruvian-Japanese twist,‍ and the cocktails have a South American inspiration too, making this urban oasis truly stand-out.

Roof on Fire: ‌Bangkok’s Rooftop‍ Bars Conclusion

Many of Bangkok’s rooftop bars ⁤live up to the saying⁣ that the higher you are, the better the view ⁤gets. Donning the city’s ⁢crown jewels, these spots offer an unforgettable sky-high experience, allowing you to ​soak up the mesmerizing sights of the city that⁤ never‍ sleeps, ⁢all ​while enjoying deliciously concocted beverages, mouthwatering food, and electric vibes. So elevate your next Bangkok visit, by adding a trip ‌to one or more of these hot spots to your to-do list.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all rooftop bars in Bangkok require reservations?

Not all rooftop bars in‍ Bangkok require a reservation, but it is highly⁢ recommended,‌ especially for popular venues like the Sky ​Bar at Lebua ⁢State Tower or⁤ Moon Bar.

2. What is the ‍best time to visit a rooftop bar in Bangkok?

The best time to visit a rooftop bar in Bangkok is around‌ sunset, between 5 PM and 6 PM, to enjoy the magnificent backdrop of the setting sun.

3. Are there dress codes for rooftop ‌bars in Bangkok?

Most rooftop ​bars in Bangkok have a ‍dress​ code. Generally, they prefer smart ‌casual -⁢ no⁢ flip flops, sportswear, or backpacker style outfits.

4. What are the average prices at Bangkok rooftop bars?

The prices at Bangkok rooftop ⁣bars can range from ⁣moderately high to luxury, but the experience of fabulous ⁢views, ​excellent service, and exquisite drinks make‌ it worthwhile.

5. Are any of ​these rooftop bars kid friendly?

Most rooftop bars in⁣ Bangkok‍ do not allow children⁣ due to safety reasons or late-night atmospheres. ⁢Always check with the ​venue first if planning to visit with​ children.


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