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Unique Things to Buy in Bangkok for Indian Tourists: Shopping Guide

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Exploring Bangkok’s Bazaars: A Shopping Guide ⁣for Indian Tourists

Are you ⁤curious about the unique things to buy in Bangkok for Indian tourists? The bustling city of Bangkok, teeming with vibrant markets and high-end malls, ‍offers a plethora of shopping options‌ for tourists from India. From locally handcrafted souvenirs to high-quality replicas of renowned brands, Bangkok’s streets are⁢ a shopper’s delight. This article will serve as your ultimate ‍guide to make heads turn with your exceptional buys from the city of angels – Bangkok.

Boon of‍ Beautiful Silk

Stepping into Bangkok’s markets is synonymous with immersing oneself in a vibrant ocean of ⁢myriad colors and textures. Silk is ​one of Bangkok’s famed products, ‍and its ​sheen and smoothness is something one should not miss. Explore the local markets‍ such as ​the Chatuchak ⁣Weekend Market or Pratunam Market to find intricately designed, high-quality silk materials. ‍

Silk Scarves and Ties

Not only⁢ are silk sarees and dresses⁤ a must-buy,​ but smaller items like silk scarves ⁤and ‍ties also​ make for priceless gifts. They’re ⁣compact, easy to pack, and serve as timeless mementos from‍ your⁢ unforgettable Bangkok trip.

Galore of Gems and Jewelry

If you have an astute eye for bling, Bangkok’s ⁣Gem and Jewelry market won’t disappoint. The city is a treasure ⁢trove ⁣for gem ⁢and jewelry ‌lovers. Separating the chaff from the grain may not be easy but the reward of spotting that brilliantly⁢ cut blue sapphire or that intricately carved golden necklace‍ is worth ‌the effort.

Vintage Silverware

While joining the rush⁣ for gold and ⁤gemstones, don’t forget to​ marvel ​at the elegant splendor of vintage silverware. Be it ornate jewelry or intricately patterned utensils, silverware provides ‍a touch of ⁤antique luxury to⁤ your shopping haul.

Emerald Buddha Souvenirs

No Bangkok vacation is complete without visiting the magnificence‍ of the Emerald Buddha in Wat‌ Phra Kaew.‌ Carry a memento of this awe-inspiring visit by buying Emerald Buddha souvenirs, which ‌range from small figurines to framed art pieces.

Buddha Statuettes

For many, buying a Buddha statuette from Bangkok is indulging⁣ in more than just retail therapy. It’s about imbibing the essence of the peaceful and simple Thai ‌lifestyle in their own homes.

Treasure Trove of Thai Spices

India‌ and Thailand share a finite palate in terms⁢ of love for spices. Bangkok’s local markets are a⁣ paradise for Indian tourists looking for fresh and authentic⁢ Thai spices. Beloved for their unique flavor and aroma, ‌these spices bring a piece of your ⁢Thai gastronomical journey back home.

Thai Curry Pastes

When shopping for spices, keep an eye out for Thai curry pastes. They are the soul of Thai cuisine, just like ⁢masalas are to Indian dishes. ⁢With these ⁤pastes, you’re just a few stirs away from a Thai culinary masterpiece in your own kitchen!


Journeying⁣ through the labyrinth of Bangkok’s vibrant markets you’ll discover a world of ‌unique buys that’ll make your trip memorable. This article has just skimmed the surface of the Bangkok shopping scene, and there are still many more treasures waiting to be explored! Buckle your⁤ shopping sandals and have an unforgettable shopping ‌spree in this exotic ‍city that never sleeps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should I buy silk in Bangkok?

You can buy quality silk in the⁢ Chatuchak Weekend Market‌ or Pratunam ​Market.

2. Is gem and jewelry⁢ worth buying in Bangkok?

Yes, Bangkok offers high-quality gems and jewelry but be sure to buy from ⁣reputed dealers ⁣to avoid counterfeit items.

3. Can we take Buddha ‍souvenirs from Thailand to India?

Yes,‌ Buddha souvenirs can be taken to India, ⁣but be respectful⁣ of religious sentiments‌ held by the locals.

4. Which Thai spices should ⁢I buy?

Some popular Thai spices you can buy are Thai chilli powder, cumin ⁣powder, cardamom, coriander seeds, and Thai ‍curry‌ paste.

5. What is Bangkok famous‍ for shopping?

Bangkok is famous for ⁤shopping for silk, gems, jewelry, Buddha souvenirs, and Thai spices.


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